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Our Purpose

ByDESIGN was established on Cinco de Mayo 2011 with a multifaceted purpose:

  • Publish an online magazine focusing on the success stories of our Latinx, Women, People of Color and LGBTQ community, which are seldom — if ever — told in other mainstream publications

  • Advocate for educational and professional inclusion and economic empowerment

  • Produce a record of exceptional contributions made to education, the built environment, society, and economy by underrepresented communities

  • Provide a platform connecting students with design professionals to foster career opportunities

TL:    Joseph Martinez, Principal, Martinez+Cutri Corporation

         San Diego Community College, Cesar Chavez Campus, San Diego, CA

TR:   Jack Tam, AIA, Founder and Lead Designer, Team 7 International 

         Muping Cultural Center, Muping, China

ML:   Isabel Castilla, ASLA, Principal, Field Operations

         Section 3 of New York City's High Line

MR:   Allison Grace Williams, FAIA, Founder and Principal, AGWms_studios

         August Wilson African American Cultural Center, Pittsburgh, PA

B:      Antonio Ismael Risianto, IAI, Principal, Triaco Architect

         Summit AUTO Group Learning Center, Bogor, Indonesia

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Origin of ByDESIGN

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090922  CR  Martin Del Campo & Students
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"The idea for ByDESIGN simmered for decades. It originated from a magazine the College of Environmental Design (CED) at UC Berkeley used to publish. After graduating in 1978, a copy would arrive at my mother's home once a year. "Mijo, ya llego la revista de Berkeley" my mother would call to say. (Son, the magazine from Berkeley arrived.) The publication chronicled the illustrious careers of CED graduates; however, stories of the brilliant students of color who matriculated from CED were conspicuously absent for decades. It was a yearly disappointment; surely some students of color had gone on to have exceedingly successful careers.

In 2010 I was invited by a group of classmates/alumni of color to a meeting addressing the unacceptable lack of diversity at CED. When undergraduate and graduate admissions officers informed us CED lacked formal admission policies, surprise turned to shock when they explained their informal practice. Admissions Officers said students who "came to the summer CED program, drew like CED, thought like CED, talked like CED, and were likable, were advocated for and admitted." (The new Dean adopted a new focus on diversity soon thereafter.) 

Both of these events explained the invisibility of students of color at CED — and our absence from the pages of historical publications, too. This resulted in an epiphany: if CED would not acknowledge our stories of professional exceptionalism, I would. Our impassioned mission became to honor the academic and professional achievements of our underrepresented communities."  Rogelio Roy Hernandez - Founder / Publisher

CED Images (Top Left)

Clockwise:  Prof. Malaquias Montoya, CASA/Raza Day 77, UC                                   Berkeley

                   Rodriquez, Lopez, Hernandez, Del Gadillo,                                               Escobedo, et al, Huelga de Estudiantes Mural, CED -                               5th Floor, 1977 UC Berkeley

                   Chicano Architectural Student Association, 1973,                                   UC Berkeley

                   Celeste Rodriguez,Arch., USC, BA Arch. CED, UC                               Berkeley Student Design Studio

                   Ivan Rodriguez, M Arch., UCLA, BA Arch. CED, UC                                   Berkeley Student Design Studio


Professional work of award winning CED Classmates (Left)

Clockwise:   Anne Cervantes, Principal, Cervantes Design Associates  

                    San Francisco City College, Mission Campus (M. Arch. '80) 

                    Oswaldo Lopez, AIA, Senior Partner at Selene International

                    InterContinental Hotel, Los Angeles, CA  (M. Arch '78, BA                            Arch '76)

                    Carlos Rodriguez, AIA, Principal, Rodriguez Associates,                            Architects & Planners, Los Vecinos, Chula Vista, CA (M. Arch                    ' 78, BA  Arch '76)

                    Maritza Del Gadillo, Principal, Deseño, La Playa                                        Apartments, San Francisco (M. Arch '78, BA  Arch '76)

                    Charles Higueras, FAIA, Ormondale Elementary School                            Multipurpose Facility, Portola Valley, CA (M. Arch '81, BA                            Arch '79)

Giving Back

The scope of BD has broadened since the establishment of the e-zine.

First, we've expanded our attention to various creative fields and professions beyond the design of the built environment, including significant achievements in industrial design, business, music, art/photography, technology, and entertainment.  Many of the persons covered in ByDESIGN are multifaceted.

Secondly, we made a commitment to give back to our communities by sponsoring a yearly scholarship program called "ByDESIGN Presents" at the College of Environmental Design at UC Berkeley.  This is a collaborative effort with our sister organization CASA Alumni, in addition to CED, Latinos in Architecture SF, the American Institute of Architects San Francisco and UC Berkeley’s Chicanx/Latinx Architectural Student Association. Since 2011, we have disbursed $42,000 in cash prizes, laptop computers and software to low income students of Color, Women, and LGBTQ students. The event also features distinguished speakers who are thought leaders in various design fields.

CASA Alumni Scholarship recipients of 2017, College of Environmental Design, University of California, Berkeley

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170407 ByDESIGN PRESENTS Poster V1.png
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