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What our readers say!

You all hit it out of the park again, great ByDESIGN issue. Congratulations!

It would be wonderful if we could syndicate some articles on CED alumni or students - repost an image and blurb, on one our main pages (home page, department home page) and then take reader to ByDESIGN. Would that be OK with you all? I think a lot more folks would be channeled to the magazine.


Jennifer Wolch, Dean,

College of Environmental Design

UC Berkeley

Once again Roy - WOW. This is an incredible issue. This really illustrates how far our curriculum is from what it could be. Omar's article was powerful too. Thank you so much for continuing this incredible work.


Susan Hagstrom,

Undergraduate Advisor,

College of Environmental Design

UC Berkeley

Thank you so much for allowing me the opportunity to be interviewed and be part of the summer 2014 ByDesign. I am sure you have the opportunity to feature many great talented individuals, I'm honored to have been given a the opportunity to be part of the publication. Also thank you for the work that you do in promoting Latinos and telling their stories. Let me know if I can ever be of help to ByDesign or any other forum where we can help to advance our people.


Again many thanks.


Edgar Lopez

Architect for the

City & County of San Francisco

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