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         This issue of BD is acutely relevant for the times in which we live. Freedom of thought in education is  under political attack: incessant assaults on learning institutions, book bannings, white washing of history, and political impediments for the study of this country's true history. This is an epoch of struggle to promote unencumbered learning and scholarship in a quest for truth.  As a new academic year begins, BD reaffirms our steadfast
commitment to the next generation of design professionals and our communities — and a pedagogy based on truth
and freedom of scholarship... 

Roy Rogelio Hernández

Founder & Publisher


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In this issue

Memo                                  Fighting the Powerful, Siding with the Powerless for a Pedagogy of the Oppressed

                                                Rogelio Roy Hernández, Publisher

Perspective                        CASA Alumni Mentorship Program

                                                Joseph Martinez, Martinez-Cutri

CASA Study Abroad          CASA Member Studies in Barcelona, and Sees Europe

                                                Lourdes Aguayo Francia, UC Berkeley

Cover Story                        Block By Block: The Struggle to Bring Community College to San Francisco Chinatown

                                                Jennie Lew, Planner

Scholarly Essay                 Echoes: Unveiling Timeless Expressions of the Americas

                                                Sulem Hernandez, CASA Alumni Fellow, Martinez - Cutri

Latinx in Architecture        Strengthen, Educate & Expand Latino Design Community’s Visibility & Impact 

                                                Melissa Iris Garcia AIA, NOMA, LEED AP, Principal, herman coliver locus architecture

Scholarly Essay                 Sustainability and a Worldview: Renovation of the Ancient Waru Waru

                                                  Faith Cuellar, 2023 CASA Alumni Intern, Martinez – Cutri

Scholarly Essay                 Mystification: A Conversation Between the Spoon/Cherry and the Vessel 

                                                Alma Rodriguez Guzman, 2023 CASA Alumni Intern, Martinez – Cutri     

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