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          As some celebrate the Fourth of July with carne asada barbecues, hot dogs and fireworks, we at BD pause to celebrate those whose ambitions extend beyond themselves. As the country begins the passage toward normalcy, this issue commends those rare individuals who have demonstrated a commitment to the aspirations of our communities. These folks share a common attribute: they see “doing” as more important than “talking” and “activism” more effectual than “popular rhetoric.”


Roy Rogelio Hernández

Founder & Publisher


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In this issue

Memo                                  Achievement, Progress and Prosperity

                                                Roy Rogelio Hernández

Perspective                        Exceptional Latina Reporting Makes a Difference

                                                BD Op Ed

Latinx Urbanism                Exploring  Latinx Cultural Citizenship in Urban Spaces 

                                                Itzel Torrez & Barbara Velasco, LMU

Cover Story                        David Salazar, FAICP Long Beach Community Design Center

                                                Aymee Barajas

Educational Equity            “Don’t Call Me George”

                                                Don Houston

Latinx Design Activism     LATINX Design, Advocacy, Equity & Building Community

                                                Patricia Alarcon, AIA

CASA Now! UC Berkeley   CED UC Berkeley 2021 Alpha Rho Chi Medal Award Recipient

Latinx Arch Students             Andrea Hernández

Shine                                   CED UC Berkeley 2021 Commencement Speaker

                                                Omar Martinez-Zoluaga

Profession                          AIASF Announces Equity in Education Initiatives

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