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          Susan B. Anthony said, in reference to women’s rights: “We ask justice, we ask equality, we ask that all the civil and political rights that belong to citizens of the United States, be guaranteed to us and our daughters forever.”  These days, this applies to all women, BIPOC, LGBTQ+, Jewish and poor people, as  the  clock  is  turned   back to   bygone   eras   of  unbridled  inequity and injustice. This issue features articles written by people who demand justice and equity, affirming that law as injustice is unacceptable today and forever.

Roy Rogelio Hernández

Founder & Publisher


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In this issue

Memo                                      Law as Injustice, Dangerous Path to the Past 

                                                     Rogelio Roy Hernández

Perspective                            Talented Intern Joins ByDESIGN Familia


Architecture                           Redefining the Pedagogy, Process & Practice of Architecture

                                                     Brenda (Bz) Zhang 张迪

Cover Story                            11th Annual CASA Alumni Scholarships

                                                     Aymee Barajas

Education                               11th Annual CASA Alumni Scholarships: Mujeres Sweep Awards

                                                     Lourdes Aguayo Francia

Educational Activism            CASA Celebrates 50th Anniversary

                                                     Rogelio Roy Hernández

Professional Mentorship      CASA Alumni Fellowship & Internship

                                                       Omar Martinez Zoluaga & Samantha Andalon

CASA Alumni at Work           Jenny Recinos, Designer

                                                Michelle Hernández, Planner / Designer

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