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          As children of immigrants or working-class parents, we observe sacrifice, suffering, and struggle first hand. We learn the road to acquiring the America Dream is obstructed with landmines of inequity, inequality and injustice. This issue of BD, like its predecessors, exemplifies individuals who, with tireless exertions, refused to have their dreams deferred, educational and professional advancement deterred – and their progress delayed.


Roy Rogelio Hernández

Founder & Publisher


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In this issue

Memo                                  Progress Not Deferred, Deterred or Delayed

                                             Roy Rogelio Hernández

Perspective                        ByDESIGN Presents the UC Berkeley CASA Alumni Scholarships 

                                             Aymee Barajas

Facilities Planning             A Call and Response, An Architectural Vision

                                             Don Houston

Cover Story                        Carmen Suero, Addressing Diversity in the AEC Industry

                                             Roy Rogelio Hernández

Construction Mgmt            Acts of Kindness, Mentoring & Success

                                             Miguel Galarza

Education & Diversity       Donde esta mi gente: Perpetual under-representation of  Chicanx in Architecture 

                                             Joseph Martinez

History                                The Greatest Story Never Told

                                             Roy Rogelio Hernández

CASA Now!                         A Crazy Semester: Fires, Elections & Covid

                                                   Michelle Hernández

Latino Urbanism                Native Peoples Shellmounds, A Buried History 

                                             James Rojas

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