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  • Itzel Torres


Anarosa and Itzel here, we are recent first-generation Latina graduates from UC Berkeley, CED (class of 2018 woo!). A little bit about us:

We are struggling adjusting after college.

The struggle continues to be real as we find ourselves after being students for so long and head into the professional realm. We have always been somewhat struggling but we have figured out that when talking about these issues, we are not alone in it. This blog is an attempt to create a platform in which we can be open and real about the struggles and the triumphs of different sorts of transitions out of college and into the real world.

Our inspiration for this came about through a series of late night conversations revolving being more vulnerable about the realities of our lives at this stage. All the good, as well as all the bad. We realized that there seems to come a source of shame when thinking about where we are expected to be after college. Our hope is to start demystifying the shame around sharing our experiences as a collective and creating a safe space to support each other.

By all means we want to establish that we are not experts in talking about the topics we will touch upon, and that many of these stories will be our own experiences. We hope that maybe some of you can relate and will be willing to participate and add to the discussion.

Con mucho cariño,

Anarosa and Itzel


CASA Mural " Semilla De La Resistencia", 2017 at College of Environmental Design


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