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         "By 2050, one in three Americans will be Latino. We are entrepreneurial - 86% of all new businesses launched in the past 10 years were started by Hispanics. And we are creating more tech startups than any other demographic group. We believe in education and building new skills because we understand the connection between education and opportunity. And we believe in the responsibility of benefiting from the American Dream.” When it comes to Latino perseverance, education, work ethic and focus on achieving the American Dream, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Roy Rogelio Hernández

Founder & Publisher


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In this issue

Memo                                  Latino Perseverance, Work Ethic and the American Dream

                                                Rogelio Roy Hernández, Publisher

Perspective                        Latino Takes the Helm as AIASF Board President

                                                Dan Perez, AIA, NOMA, LEED AP

Cover Story                        David Baker, FAIA, Architecture, Fabrication & Housing the Unhoused

                                                Joseph Martinez, Sr. Editor

Development                      Latino Power Couple, From Barrio to Boardroom 
                                             Imelda Delherra, LEED AP & Carlos Delherra

                                                Rogelio R. Hernández

Scholarships                         ByDESIGN Presents, the 12 Annual CASA Alumni Scholarships


Urban Planning                  Exposing Underprivileged High School Students to Urban Planning

                                                 James Rojas

Architecture                       Emilio Ambasz: Creating Fables through Architecture

                                                Leslie Gonzalez

Art History                          The First Godfathers of Humanism in Greece   

                                                Don Houston   

Community Design           Gentrification in Barrio Logan

                                                 Alexandra Morales

Announcements                Young Community Planners

                                                David Salazar, FAICP

                                            Hispanic Stars Rising

                                                Carlos Perez

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